A Guide to the Right Ski and Snowboard Service Cost’s

by Tara and Heidi - 16:31 on 18 June 2022


One of the first questions we get asked is “How much does a Wax Cost”?

Servicing your Skis/Snowboard is like Servicing and MOT Your Car to keep it Running at its Top Performance. You have Spent Loads of Money and Time Choosing the Right Skis/Snowboard, so why wouldn’t you look after it?

So just asking us to put on some wax and saying "That will be ok for this year", you will find yourself every year saying the same thing, “The holiday was expensive, the lift pass prices have gone up” and it just goes on.

But slowly Your very expensive Skis/Snowboard will deteriorate if you do not get the full VIP service each year, so your Skis/Snowboards will Get Slower, and you will Not be Able to Carve those Turns if We Just Keep Putting Wax on it.

To Make Sure you are Picking the Right Option to Ensure the maximum Enjoyment and the Minimum Maintenance from Season to Season. Our Regular Customers Return every year for a Summer Storage Service we highly recommend.

Unfortunately, we still see year after year people picking the just wax service and year after year, we see their Skis and Snowboard deteriorate very fast explaining the long-term damage and danger to them if you hit a rock your ski or snowboards could shatter under foot.

Why we do all our servicing by hand

With all the multiple cambers and rockers a stone grinder will slowly remove base in contact points. Sometimes you will find it costs more for a stone grinding machine service but at the end of the day anyone can push your ski or snowboard through a machine, this can mean cheap wages this is the same as having one side edge sharpened just pushed through a machine and now even edges come with different contact points to help the ski run smoothly, so does this mean paying more for the service cost better for them than you? It’s a bit like flat pack to a carpenter!

So here we have listed our services with pros and cons to help you understand the long-term safety.

When picking your next service here are some questions for you to answer.

  • Do you have rusty edges?
  • Does the base look white and dry?
  • Are there gouges/ scratches from rocks on the base?

If so, we recommend our VIP service if you have not had the summer storage service, or you are new to us. If you are coming back to us and you already have your storage wax, will you be going more than once, if so you might need a top up of a temperature wax or your edges got a beating and need a sharpen up.



VIP Service


  • All our servicing is done by hand
  • All the diesel fumes and rubbish are cleaned with a hot wax clean
  • We sharpen both sides of the edges
  • We fill in gouges to keep the base smooth
  • Remove rust from poor storage
  • Tell us when you are going, and we will put the correct wax for the temperature
  • Structure will be put back in the base (it’s a bit like when you are tiling a bathroom you must rough up the grout for the tile to stick) so this helps the wax stay longer to the base.
  • Also make your ride smoother and faster
  • Bonus We also put a liquid carbon wax on.


  • Leaving the base dirty, the new wax will not last.
  • Just having one edge sharpened is like using a butter knife to cut a steak, it just takes a little more effort.
  • Not filling in the gouges- scratches you can just hit a rock wrong and the base the base will peel like a banana (this is the same for side walls)
  • As I found using the right temperature wax makes a big difference and lasted longer, so why wouldn’t you?


Summer Storage Service

What is a summer service?

Well lets just start with when is the best time to have this service?

It is when you get back and you know that you’re not going again for the rest of the season.

So, before you put your skis or snowboard away in your garage, your loft or garden shed


Bring it to us and we will give it the full VIP treatment plus a thick layer of wax over the base and edges.


  • You will need the full VIP service and you already know the pros and cons to that.
  • The excess wax will protect the base from drying out in the summer months (As the base is a porous plastic and like skin not moisturised will dry out)
  • With extra wax covering the edges will stop the stainless-steel edge from rusting. (As we all know rust is like a cancer to metal, you never know if can remove it all)


  • Contact us a couple of weeks before you go, and we will take off the excess wax for free.


  • We also put a liquid carbon wax on.



  • You will not know the correct place to store your skis and snowboards in the summer months
  • You will be charged extra to have the rust removed for next season
  • At the end of the day, they are still wood inside and as we all know wood does not like changes in temperature (this will slowly delam inside)



Wax And Edge Service

We only recommend this if you have no rusty edges and no gouges from rocks or this is your second/ third trip for the season, and you had the summer storage service.


  • Both edges are sharpened, not just one like many workshops do by machine
  • As you know all our work is done by hand
  • Structure is put back in to help the hot wax stick
  • All hot wax is done by hand and not a wax machine that just puts a thin layer on top.
  • Recommended if you go more than once in the season



  • Wax remover is used to remove the old wax (but as an acetone this does dry out the base)
  • Please note hot wax clean is not in this service.
  • Scratches and gouges are not filled in.
  • If you have rust, you will be charged extra.

See the diesel fumes and rubbish in the wax



Hot Wax Service 

We only recommend this if you have brought new skis /snowboard or your second/third trip of the season after having a summer service and your edges are ok, it is basically what it says on the tin.


  • There are none if you only have this done with old skis /snowboard
  • But new skis /snowboard yes very important, as the thin layer of factory wax’s doesn’t last.


  • Your Skis/Snowboard will start de-laminating from drying out
  • Your edges will go rusty and blunt so carving will be difficult
  • Don’t forget it is still wood inside and the water will get into the core where the wood is (we all know wood and water do not mix well together as water makes the wood expand)
  • Slowly your skis/ snowboard becomes a very soft flex making it harder to carve turns (DANGER OF SNAPPING)  

     Because at the end of the day none of us want this for you Here at Snowboard Guru


Thank you for making the right decision, if you have any questions don't hesitate ask below 



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