It's time to work out with Snowboard Guru.

We will be starting our class in Sep 2024

What are the benefits of pre-season training? The first one is obvious: Building your strength will lead to longer days on the mountain and fewer injuries. 

Our Workout will cover a wide range of exercises to maximise your riding. 

  • Build strength and stay in shape. 
  • Core Muscle groups 
  • Cardio endurance training
  • Stretching
  • Balance

Classes are £10 a Class PP.

So why is our training class defined from all the others?

Think about it: how you move when you are riding.

  • You bend over to strap into your bindings.
  • Twist your body to get on and off lifts.
  • Push with your arms to get off the ground.
  • Transfer your weight from edge to edge.

So why would you make your exercise routine not on a snowboard as all these movements are on your snowboard. 

At Snowboard Guru, it makes sense to workout on a snowboard and put in the foundation for your next season. So you will develop good muscle memory, and we will challenge you, but have fun, as snowboarding is not just a sport. It is a lifestyle. 

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