Full Monty Snowboard/Ski £50

When is the best time to service my skis/snowboard?

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Comprehensive Care Package Inclusions:

Enjoy our top-tier Full Monty Service for a thorough inspection and enhancement of your gear with Storage wax included in the price.

  • Storage Wax Protection: We apply excess wax for storage, ensuring your equipment remains in optimal condition during the off-season.
  • Pre-Ride Preparation: Plan! Please email us a week before your next season's ride to schedule the removal of excess wax. Our team will choose the best wax for the time of year and where you are going.
  • Precision Maintenance: Our team meticulously removes excess wax from both base and edges, guaranteeing a clean start to your skiing or snowboarding adventure.
  • Base Brilliance: Experience the difference! We brush and polish the base to perfection, ensuring a smooth glide on the slopes.
  • Bonus Carbon Liquid Wax: As a token of appreciation, enjoy a complimentary layer of carbon liquid wax for that extra boost and enhanced performance.
  • Custom Wax: For where you are going next season, contact us two weeks before you leave so you are ready to go.


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Why do I need storage wax?

In the summer months the edges can rust and the base dry out this is called oxidisation, so we put excess of wax over the base and edges to protect them.

Snowboarders, can you please remove your bindings before you drop them off or for pick up? However do not worry if you cannot, we are happy to remove for you.

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also, we have an excellent service Pick Up and Drop off to your

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