9 Best Ways to Store Your Snowboard & Skis in the Off-Season

by Tara & Heidi - 15:05 on 17 August 2023



As the season ends, we move on, thinking about the surf and beach life or hiking in the mountains. We often do not think about servicing our snowboards and skis at the end of the season, but this is the best time.
So here are 9 top tips before you book your summer adventure.

Drying Out.

1. Keeping your equipment in top condition and running smoothly for next season. It all starts on the last day of your holiday, as rust is your worst enemy, so dry all the old snow off with a small towel; I keep one in my board bag that I use daily to dry off the snow. But if you do this only once, the last day is the best thing you can do.

Remove from Bag.

2. So, Now you are at home thinking about your perfect cup of tea and looking at the big pile of washing. Remove your snowboard/skis from its wet, soggy bag and dry it off again. But don't put it back in the bag, as this is like keeping it in a nice little sauna in the summer months.

Time to Service.

3. This is the best time to get your equipment serviced, as all good workshop technicians have time to give your ski or snowboard some TLC, or this is an excellent time to go on a Tech Course and learn how to do it yourself before putting it to bed for the summer.

Storage Wax.

4. The ski/snowboard technician will put on a storage wax to protect the base from drying out and your edges from rusting. To discover more about Storage Wax with our Full Monty Services and why, click HERE.

Drying Boots.

5. Drying out your boots is as essential as your skis and snowboard. If you can, remove the liners to help them dry. A good tip is to use uncooked rice. Put the rice in some clean socks and make room for the rice to move around; tie the top of the socks, put one in each boot, and leave for about an hour. Once dry, remove the rice and do up your boots to keep their shape in storage. 

Where to Store.

6. My number one question is where to store my winter equipment in the summer. So I would ask you where you keep your skis/snowboard, and most people say in the loft, garden shed, or the garage; my answer is No; the best place is somewhere that has a constant temperature and No fluctuation from hot to cold or damp I would recommend under the bed, back of the wardrobe, cupboard under the stairs if not got damp, so store in dry areas with no condensation this will stop your base from oxidised and prevent your edges from rusting. If you need to know where to keep your skis/snowboard here at Snowboard Guru, we have a Storage Lockup Service. For more info, click HERE.

Skiers Tips.

7. Here is a tip to all you skiers: remove your ski ties. In all my years as a tech, I always see rusty spots when I remove the ties, and they will keep their shape. 

Snowboarders Tips.

8. All you snowboarders out there, remove your bindings, which will stop the bolts from pulling through from the base and delamination the board. To discover how to set up your bindings, click HERE

9. Wash and Re-proof your winter clothing info HERE


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