VIP Full Snowboard/Ski Service £42

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Crafting Peak Performance: Our Comprehensive VIP Full-Service

Embark on a journey with our meticulous process designed to elevate your snowboard or ski performance:

  • Revitalizing Wax Treatment: We expertly remove old wax using the Hot Wax Clean method.
  • Precision Repairs: Exclusive to our Full Service, we fill any holes or scratches with durable p-tex, ensuring a flawless surface. Excess p-tex is skillfully removed for a perfectly flat finish.
  • Edge Excellence: We sharpen the base and side edges with precision, guaranteeing optimal slope control.
  • Fine-Tuned Precision: Our Diamond file adds the finishing touch, fine-tuning your gear for ultimate performance.
  • Strategic De-Tuning: We strategically de-tune all contact points so you don't catch an edge.
  • Structured Base: The base is meticulously treated to restore its structure, helping to make sure the wax holds for longing for a smoother ride.
  • Temperature-Tailored Wax: We carefully select a temperature-specific wax for your destination, optimizing your ride for diverse snow conditions.
  • Hand-Applied Hot Wax: Using a waxing iron, we apply hot wax to the base by hand, guaranteeing even distribution for enhanced glide.
  • Liquid Wax Boost: Experience the thrill as we apply a liquid wax, allowing you to charge down the mountain with renewed speed and confidence.
  • Polished Perfection: The final touch involves polishing the base, leaving it gleaming and ready for your next adventure.


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Why a Hot Wax clean?

We recommend this service at least one a year as the hot wax clean removes all dirt and diesel fumes that is in the snow.

Why do I need my edges sharp?

It is a good idea to have both the base and side edges sharp to give you better grip when making your turns.

Why do I need wax?

Wax makes your snowboard/skis glide smoothly over the snow.

Do I need my bindings check?

It is a good idea to have checked specially if has you have new ski boots, or your weight has changed.

Snowboarders we will check your nuts and bolts are ok.

What is P-TEX?

It is a special material we repair the base by filling in the gouges from going over rocks.

Snowboarders, can you remove your bindings before you drop off or for pick up? However, do not worry if you cannot; we are happy to remove them for you.


Come down to our Workshop and Showroom in Seaford BN25

also, we have a great service Pick Up and Drop off to your

Home or Work.

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