Snowboard and Skis Storage Lockup

Better Storage of Your Skis and Snowboard Solutions

You can store your snowboard and skis with us in a safe environment.

Snowboard Guru has the storage secrets to ensure your equipment remains in top condition throughout the off-season for skiers and snowboarders looking to optimise gear longevity.

Do you have nowhere practical to store your snowboard or skis?

  • Live in a flat.
  • Your other half doesn’t want your kit in the house.
  • Do you keep your equipment in the garage, shed or loft?

If you store your snowboard and skis with us, you will not experience rust and oxidised bases in our specific storage place, and we will keep your skis and snowboards; if not, it will lead to damaged equipment, costly repairs, and missed opportunities on the slopes.

If you store with us, we will.

  • Keep in a regulated temperature room.
  • Each month, we will flex your gear.
  • Full storage wax will be applied.

With our Storage Lockup service, you will be guaranteed that your next trip to the mountains will be hassle-free.

We have a few price bundles.

You can drop off or use our pick-up service for more info on Click n Collect HERE.

Book when you can drop off your snowboard/skis at our workshop, and we will set up your payment of £7.00 a month.
If you would like us to come to your home or work to pick them up, go to Click and Collect.
This is a great offer. Book a Year and get the Full VIP and Summer Storage Wax for FREE plus some change.
All this for £90
Drop it off or we can Pick it up see info on Click and Collect.
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