Edge and Hot Wax Ski/Board £32



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Maintenance Process: Ski/Snowboard Edge & Wax

  • Clean: Begin by meticulously removing old wax from the base.
  • Edge Enhancement:
  • Base Edge: Sharpen the base edge for optimal control and responsiveness.
  • Side Edge: Precision sharpening of the side edge to enhance carving performance.
  • Contact Point: De-tune all contact points for a smoother ride and improved manoeuvrability.
  • Structural Integrity: Inspect and Repair: Ensure the base structure is intact. Restore: Reinstate any lost structure to enhance gliding efficiency and long wax hold.
  • Wax Application: Hot Wax Treatment by hand: Apply a high-quality wax using a waxing iron, ensuring even coverage for enhanced speed and durability.
  • Finishing Touch:Polish: polishing the base for a sleek, professional finish.


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Why do I need wax?

Wax makes your snowboard/skis glide smoothly over the snow.

Why do I need my edges sharp?

It is a good idea to have both the base and side edges sharp to give you better grip when making your turns.

Snowboarders if you can remove your bindings before you drop off or for pick up please. However do not worry if you cannot, we are happy to remove for you.


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