12 Top Tips on How to Wash and Store your Snow Wear in the off-season. 

by Tara & Heidi - 17:03 on 25 August 2023




When the season is coming to an end and the snow is melting. This is a good time for all jackets, snow pants, gloves, and some TLC, so you are ready for that last-minute offer for next season as you want to avoid smelly and mouldy clothes and have no time to sort them out. So here are 12 top tips on how to wash and store for the off-season. 


  1. Repairing We all know that it is the best time to get things fixed when we get back, and you could still be under Warranty if there is no time to find someone to repair them in time for next season. 
  2. Make sure you have emptied all your pockets, as we don't want bits of old tissues and sweeties with sticky pockets, but leave pockets unzipped. 
  3. Ensure all the Velcro wrists are done up, and the jacket must be zipped up.
  4. Washed and Reproofed: Check the label first and pick the right Nikwax product. It is straightforward and will keep your 80s dayglo retro jacket for longer, which is good for the environment. Also, forget your gloves are more sweaty and dirty than your jacket and snow pants. Go to our blog on "How do I look after My Gore-tex Waterproof Jacket."
  5. Clothing comes out wet from the washing machine and then hangs over the shower/bath inside out as the outer layer dries quicker. 
  6. Before storing away, zip up all the pockets and any belts and buckles are done up. 
  7. When storing, keep away from the open air, daylight and dust. This will keep your snowware for longer. 
  8. Where is the right place to store your clothing? If you can, buy some suit bags, as hanging in a wardrobe is the best and not folded, as folding can put creases and, in time, the waterproof membrane or DWR coating can weaken it.  
  9. Don't use vacuum pack bags if you can't hang them in the wardrobe; use boxes and loosely fold them, and try to avoid crushing them in the box. 
  10. So you don't need to worry about moths and dust bugs; your snowware will be fresh and ready for next season. 
  11. Here at Snowboard Guru, we also have a washing and reproof service. For more info, click HERE. 
  12. Store all your other kit like gloves, goggles, and helmet in a plastic storage box and don't overcram with goggles. Keep them in a cloth bag, e.g. mico fleece and helmet in a helmet bag, great if padded. To stop mildew. Put some uncooked rice in an old sock and place it in the storage box. 

Check the list of things to buy. 

  • Nikwax for the proper cloth or product. Best Price
  • Suit clothing bags cloth ones are better so they can breathe. Best Price
  • Plastic boxes, ones that fit under the bed. 
  • Micro cloth bags stop goggles and helmets from being scratched. Best Price
  • Padded cases/bags for helmets and goggles. Try Dakine; they make the best bags out there.

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