How much is a service wax and How many times should I get them done?

by Tara & Heidi - 15:54 on 22 December 2023

Q. How much is a service wax?

A. Our basic service wax, priced at £20, includes a basic wax application to enhance the performance of your skis. This will cover the essential wax to keep your equipment running. If you have specific needs and want additional services, please get in touch with me using the form below. Turnaround time is typically 24 hours, and we'll ensure your ski/snowboard is ready for the slopes.

Why. Improved Performance: A properly waxed ski/snowboard base reduces friction between the skis/snowboards and stops them from sticking to the snow, allowing a smoother and faster glide. 

Base Protection: Waxing helps protect the base of your ski/snowboard from abrasion, scratches, and damage caused by various snow conditions. Also, there is a small gap around the base to the edge, and the wax helps to seal it and protect the wood core. This extends the life of your ski/snowboard and ensures they remain in good condition.

Prevention of Drying Out: Ski/snowboard bases can dry out over time, reducing performance. Regular waxing helps to keep the base hydrated and prevents it from drying out, maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the material, which can become brittle.

Weather Adaptability: Different waxes are designed for various temperatures and snow conditions. Using Snowboard Guru as your technician, we will choose the suitable wax; you can optimize your riding' performance based on the specific environment, whether cold, warm, wet, or dry snow.

In summary, waxing your skis is a crucial maintenance practice that enhances performance and protects your investment, ensuring that your skiing equipment remains in top-notch condition for a more extended period. Here at Snowboard Guru, we recommend services besides having hot wax only.

Q. How many times should I get them done?

A. Ultimately, the best frequency balances personal preference, skiing habits, and the specific conditions you encounter. Regular maintenance ensures your skis perform at their best and extends their lifespan.

Why. Regularly: Waxing every 4-6 riding days is a good rule of thumb for avid riders varying on snow conditions or frequently hitting the slopes.

Seasonally: If you ride only during a specific time of the season, waxing at the beginning and end of the season is recommended to protect and maintain your skis. But here at Snowboard Guru, we offer a great long-term solution with many bundles; see HERE.

Based on Conditions: Consider waxing more often if you encounter diverse snow conditions here at Snowboard Guru; we offer a range of top-up waxs you can carry. Warmer and wetter snow may require more frequent waxing than cold, dry snow.

The frequency of waxing your skis depends on factors such as how often you ski, the type of snow conditions, and personal preference. However, a general guideline is to wax your ski/snowboard.

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