Guide to the Perfect Ski/Snowboard Boot Fit

by Tara and Heidi - 16:11 on 11 November 2022

Just recently, I met someone who thought that you could buy snowboard boots off the shelf without fitting. This could be why so many people buy their shoes online and have many problems. 


Snowboard boots are just as crucial as ski boots to get the right feet for your day on the mountain.

You spent all that money dazzling your friends with your fabulous new boots with all the latest tech only to find manufacturers using cheap insoles in their footwear. Someone has just told you to upgrade your insoles. We at Snowboard Guru use Remind Insole footbeds in all our footwear. For more info, Here.

So, why is it important? It will help you with better performance and posture. One of the best upgrades you can make is getting the correct footbed/insoles, which will give you better natural support for your feet and improve your turn response, making for a happier day on the mountain. 

What’s in a sock? Why can’t I use any old socks? That is an excellent question. 

They must first be long over the calf to stop rubbing around the top of the boot; no holes would greatly help too. It must be smooth to the skin to stop bunching, adding extra cushioning around the toe and shin to prevent boot pressure and blisters. So, Don't wear any old socks you have lying around. Cotton socks will absorb sweat and give you cold trench feet, and at the end of the day, we all want happy feet.  

So, getting the right socks is just as crucial in choosing your boots. With an extensive range of socks on the market, we recommend looking at lightweight to midweight socks when having your boots fitted. Boots come in different shapes and profiles, and so do your socks. Here at Snowboard Guru, we highly recommend Stance Socks. See HERE.

Do I need all these upgrades, or are the companies just trying to get more money from me? 

The good idea is to buy the boots, take them home, wear them around the house, or, if you are luxurious enough, go riding in them. Then, if you feel it needs tweaking, go to a professional boot fitter and talk to them about how they can help you with the best upgrades. So, try out some of the tips below. 

So, how should my boots feel? 

Your toes should gently graze the front of the boot. Also, you should have enough room to wriggle your toes. Another essential factor with a boot fit is to have the correct heel hold to stop heel lift, making your turn more responsive. 

So, what are the best solutions for a good boot fit? 

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