Your Boot Fit will Cover  

  • Starting with checking your feet size to your boots. 
  • Looking at your ankle alignment and stance. 
  • I am showing you the best way to put on your boots. 
  • See if we can heat mould your old boots. 
  • Check your insoles. 
  • Do you have a heel lift? 
  • The socks that you ride with. 

Our “Remind Insoles” range comes in different arch support profiles, from self-moulding and heat moulding we can offer. Also, the New “Remind Insoles” come with impact tech.  

We can put in padding around the ankle to help from heel lift by customising your inner boot liners. 

Boot Fit will take about 1 ½ hours. This is our flat rate. 

  • Custom Standard “Remind Insoles” self-moulding £60  
  • Heat mould custom fit “Remind Insoles” £70 
  • Heel lift moulding will be an extra £10 
  • Heat moulding your old boot liners additional £20 


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