Top 7 Best Snowboard & Ski Snow Waxes

by Tara and Heidi - 13:58 on 08 April 2023

Do I need wax?

Well, the answer is yes, and in the past, I would put any old wax on my skis as a kid, but when I was young, someone gave me a 3-pack for Toko wax, which was the start of my journey to ski servicing.

Some points on why wax is essential.

  • Help you ride smoothly.
  • Protects your ski/ snowboard for longer.
  • Suitable wax for snow conditions and faster runs.

So, let's look at the two main types of wax.

The first one is iron-on wax, the most used wax by your technician in the service centre and the most extensive range on the market, with wide temperature ranges. It can also come in non-fluoro to high fluoro and carbon. To simplify it, we got our eco wax, like soybean wax.

The second type of wax is a rub-on wax, or a top-up polish, between your hot waxes. It usually comes in a small tin, and always look for ones with an applicator to help you push the wax into the base.

Just one more thing: all iron-on waxes can be rubbed on the wax, too, but you will need a cork, as the friction will warm up the wax.

But ultimately, the rub-on waxes are much easier and cleaner, as they come in lovely little tins.

So, to make this all a lot easier for you, I have picked out some of my go-to waxes and explained what they’re for and when to use them.

So, let us start with...

1. SKS Snow Universal Racing Wax

  • Best For: Good all-round temperature
  • Features: Great for lots of waxing jobs, reasonable price and starting wax
  • Style: Iron-on and rub-on
  • Temperature: +10 to -10
  • Cost: £

This is good around wax to start with as it has many jobs. First, it has a wide temperature range. Second, you can use it to clean the base of your ski/snowboard with a hot wax clean. Thirdly, an excellent job it can do is your Summer Storage Wax to stop it from drying out and rusting edges.

So, one little wax can do so much, so my tip is to buy large quantities.

2. Racing Wax Minus

  • Best for: Base Wax
  • Features: For cold snow and base wax, if not sure what wax to use
  • Style: Iron-on and rub-on
  • Temperature: -5 to -20
  • Cost £

It's a cold wax, as it says on the tin or, in this case, the box. Hard wax is not just for challenging snow conditions; you can use this wax as a good base wax after cleaning and repairing the gouges if you are unsure when you are riding or where you are going from the mountains to the Snow Centre. You can put your desired temperature-condition wax on top, and it will blend in. You are keeping your options open for that last-minute trip.

3. Formula FC Universal Wax

  • Best For: All types of snow conditions
  • Features: If you are going for longer than a week as it is hard-wearing
  • Style: Iron-on and rub-on
  • Temperature: +10 to -10
  • Cost: ££

This is a fast and extra hard-wearing wax, so you will not need a top-up polish in the middle of the week to keep a smooth ride, with a good temperature range from 10- to 10+. So, this one you can put on top of the “Racing Wax Minus” is an excellent price.

4. Oneball Black Magic

  • Best For: Cold and dirty snow
  • Features: Also suitable for indoor slopes
  • Style: Iron-on and rub-on
  • Temperature: All temp
  • Cost: ££

It ok's. It is a wax and not some dark art, but it works Magic with graphite in the wax, making this small bar of 65g great to have in your wax box. For cold and dirty snow conditions, if you are off to the Snow Centre or at the end of the season, this is an excellent wax for you.

5. Oneball Bio-green Hot Wax

  • Best For: Snow Centres
  • Features: Stop your temp wax from wearing off
  • Style: Iron-on and rub-on
  • Temperature: All Temp but better for cold
  • Cost: £

OK, it’s called all-temperature and all-natural, but this wax is great for riding Snow Centres (indoors). As you spend a lot more time on your edges, you will start to see the wax down the sides of the base wearing off and looking white; instead of keeping waxing the whole floor, melt down the sides, and this will last a lot longer.

6. Oneball X-Wax Push Up

  • Best For: Top-up wax
  • Features: Small tin with cork and a pleasant smell
  • Style: Rub-on
  • Temperature: All temp
  • Cost: ££

Now this little wax is very handy in its recycled aluminium push-up container that I keep in my "Crap Sack" (binding bag) as it is an excellent rub-on wax with its cork applicator to help push the wax into the base. Once again, especially down the ground near the edges for all snow conditions. Keep this one with you wherever you ride.

7. Sliick Snowboard/Ski Rub on Wax

  • Best For: Top wax
  • Features: Small tin with a cloth to fit in your pocket
  • Style: Rub-on
  • Temperature: All temp
  • Cost: £

Now, great news for the UK: making snow wax keeps the carbon footprint down. This is the newest wax we have used, and it fits nicely in my “Crap Sack” (binding bag) at lunchtime, pop it in your pocket to warm up to make it easier to apply with its handy little cloth that fits in the tin lid nicely: good top-up wax and a great piece.

My tip is to buy wax. Look for one that is in a box, which will keep the wax cleaner.

If you have a wax that you would like us to try out, ping us HERE.

Thank you, and happy riding from the mountains to indoor and dry slopes.

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