The Best Ski & Snowboard Technician Training Courses

by Tara and Heidi - 15:39 on 26 April 2023

There are not many technician courses out there, and they all cost about the same price, but are you getting value for money?

Many offer you how to use costly machinery that they say you must learn to work in a ski shop or resort workshop.

But we all know that for any job you go for, they will teach you how to use the machine, as well as the health and safety of the company's insurance, for free.

It's great that you want to learn everything, but why pay extra? If you are looking to service your family and friends' skis and snowboards, you will not need to spend time learning how to use Stone grinding machines and P-tex guns.

You need a course that will give you lots of practice time to service your skis or snowboard, using tools for the home technical, and if you are looking for more, you will need more than a one-day course.

Key points to look for on a 1-day course.

  • Hot waxing
  • Sharping edges
  • Filling gouges with p-tex
  • Cleaning and preparing
  • Construction and Technology
  • Free manual for home
  • Hands-on experience
  • Service your own Skis or Snowboard
  • Demonstration

What you do not need to pay to learn.

  • How to use a Wintersteiger service machine
  • P-tex guns
  • Mountains ski bindings
  • Ski boot fitting

Anything Technical £235

The first course for ski and snowboard technicians is aimed at either complete beginners. Demonstrate how to service skis and boards from start to finish, either manually or by using machinery. The course combines theory and practical Waxing theory and practice: cold and hot wax application and advantages. The practical sessions are pretty limited, so if you would prefer more valuable time, it would be worthwhile attending course two on the following day.

The Skiers Lounge £220

Day 1 – Beginners (Ideal for DIY technicians and those looking to work in a resort) An introduction to the role of a ski and snowboard technician. We go through the construction of skis and snowboards, our goals as technicians, and the tools required to work safely and productively. We walk through the three stages of servicing – Bases, Edges, and Waxing.

The Piste Office £300

Whilst Jon's DIY Tuning Lesson is perfect for learning the basics of performance hand tuning for pro skiers, instructors, racers & recreational skiers alike, it would only be of limited benefit for someone looking for employment within a ski/snowboard workshop, either abroad or in the UK. Jon will provide work skis/bindings, but you are welcome to bring your skis or board to be serviced during the course at no additional cost.

Power to Edge £110 Half Day

This half-day course will enable you to maintain and develop optimum performance from your skis and snowboard. This personalised course is assembled after consultations, ensuring your needs and aspirations are met.

Snowboard Guru 

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