How do I look after My Gore-Tex Waterproof jacket?

by Tara and Heidi - 12:36 on 09 March 2023

You can easily wash your outdoor clothing in a washing machine.  

The big question to ask yourself is?  

  • What soap detergent are you using? 
  • How many times do I need to wash my clothes? 
  • Can I do a wash at home, or do I need to have it drycleaned?  
  • Do I need to re-proof my clothing? 
  • How much will it cost me? 

So, let us start with, do I need a special detergent? 

Many people will tell you it is okay to wash with a regular household detergent; as we know, walking down the aisle in our supermarkets, the choice is vast, so it is pretty easy to pick the wrong one. Stop yourself and go to a local specialist store and ask the experts. 

But keep reading, and hopefully, we can answer some of those questions. We recommend Nikwax as it is a small UK company and has been trading since 1977 

This is more down to you and how much you use your garment; if it gets heavy use in your activities from dirt and sweat, we recommend that you wash your clothing after 10-12 days of use. 

The other thing to look out for is if the water droplets are beading; see photo.

If so, it is excellent news that you do not need to re-proof the garment. However, if it is dirty, you will need to wash it to maintain its performance and longevity. You will need Tech Wash. 

If it is starting to look like the water is soaking on or through the garment, see the photo.

It is time to wash and re-proof. We recommend the Nikwax twin pack Tech Wash & TX Direct. 

Yes, you can wash your garments at home, but remember that you will need a washing machine, rinse out your device before using Nikwax, and make sure that the detergent draw is clean before washing. You can pass by hand, but this is a very messy task. 

You can take your garments to a dry cleaner, but make sure they have the correct solution for washing them.  

Here at Snowboard Guru, we can provide this service for you. For more info on our Snowwear Laundry Service, click HERE. There is a small cost associated with any service, but it removes the hassle and mess of doing it yourself.

But this does not mean we are all about selling our services. We can recommend buying your Nikwax HERE

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