Spock Story

Hello, my name is Mr Spock, I am about 8 years old, but I am unsure as I am a rescue dog. My Humans rescued me from a charity called Raested. 

I have been with my humans for 6 years, my hobby is chasing bubbles, so I have my bubble machine. I also like to pull my Humans along on their longboards on Brighton Seafront. I have tried paddle boarding a few times but am not keen, but as I prefer to avoid being on the beach by myself, I swim out to them safely with my life jacket. 

When it snowed in Brighton a few years ago, we went to the park with the snowboard, but as I didn't know what it was, I chased it anyway. I like snowballs, but they confuse me as when I catch them in my mouth, they disappear!

In the Summer Months, we trade at festivals, and I have to supervise to ensure my humans are working correctly. I also like to see my doggy mates there too. 
One night in our newly converted camper van, I only had a small space to sleep in. Then in the middle of the night, I fell out of bed with a bump, I wouldn't mind, but I hadn't even been drinking!

I like the new Snowboard Guru shop in Seaford as it has a comfy sofa, and I can take cosy naps and chill out in front of the T.V. In the Summer months, we can sit out in the front garden and catch some rays on our deckchairs.

I look forward to meeting you; I would like to let you know that I like gravy bone treats or any other treats if you are popping by.

Woof woof.

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