Heidi Story

Guru Heidi

When I was a child, my extreme sports were football, where I played for the Brighton & Hove ladies' team, and climbing and falling out of trees. 

But when I went to secondary school, it had a leisure centre with a dry ski slope made from Dentex. Our friend's dad was the caretaker at our school.

So one day in the Summer, we went to call on our friend to see if he wanted to play football in the playground. He then said he had a better idea! He then suggested getting some school dinner trays and sliding down to slope on them for fun. There were four of us.

So we took it, in turn, to slide down. Well, as I was the smallest. When it came to my turn, my tray went rapidly. I  saw this brick wall approaching me as I got near the bottom. So I had to roll off the tray stupidly. As it was Summer, my only protective wear was shorts and a T-Shirt.
When I got up after a painful exit from the tray, I had blood all down my left arm and leg, so I took myself on the ten-minute walk home. I told my mum what happened. After cleaning up my wounds, she doused me with TCP.

When I left school some years later, I went straight into retail. I was promoted from work experience to YTS then, after Eight weeks, I was the full-time stockroom manager. In my Seven years there, I worked my way up to product manager, working nationwide.

After Seven years, I thought it was time to move on to something different, so I ended up in Spain for almost Four years. I was working as a cook in an American restaurant. It was a fantastic experience. But after that amount of time away, I started to feel homesick, so I returned home to Brighton.

Then after a few years, I met Tara through friends, and we then developed the Snowboard Guru. So this is where I am today. After all this time, I am back to where I started, on a slope where I didn't think I would end up after the trauma of the first time.

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