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My parents started Eurosport by hiring a frame tent from a garage down the road from their newsagent's shop. By 1971 they would hire out spaces in Brighton and put on shows, and in 1972 they opened the shop on North Road in the north lane. 

I think by 1974, my dad decided to build a ski slope in the extensive showroom that was upstairs and start teaching skiing, and that was the start of my journey into the world of snow sports, with little legs being pushed into a snow plough or sometimes call the pizza in the heavy ski boots at the time with plastic boots were new in the early 70s.  


In the mid-70s, my parents started Euorski as an importer of Alpina ski boots to the UK, we started going to ISPO trade shows in Munich, and I was given by Toko some wax to wax my skis. 


By the 80s, skiing was slowly becoming more popular and famous in the UK. I started going to Sandown ski slope every Saturday morning for ski racing training; that was the same time we started importing servicing machines, wax, and tools, so with the racing, I started taking my servicing to the next level. 

When snowboarding started in the early 90s in the UK, we decided to open the Boardroom in the shop's basement.  


The Boardroom began in 1992 in the basement of a shop called "Eurosport" in Brighton, just a tiny room dedicated to snowboarding and skateboarding, trying to find top-quality brands when Europe was new to snowboarding.  


Being attached to a ski shop, we had access to a service workshop to provide a top-quality technical service and repair shop with staff qualified by snowboard Klinic.  


In the summer months, snowboarders still provided an all-year-round service. The skateboarding side was more significant, and we would scout around looking for local skateboarders to sponsor, for example, Mark Brewster, featured in Sidewalk.  


Over the years, we expanded out of the basement. We took over a third of the shop floor with this featuring at the first ever Board X and the following year in London, but with the large companies taking over small independent shops, the big retailers slowly squeezed out of the market with the high rents and rates. With our many years of success and experience, we had to choose to close our Brighton store.  


So now, with Eurosport closing, it was time to look for a new chapter for The Boardroom that became Boardroom Tech so we could keep on doing want we loved was serving skis and boards. A was when a friend said I should start teaching people how to service their kit; this was going on excellent. 


But in 2020, we all know what happened, and our workshop in Brighton was great as it was just down the road from where I lived, and with Brexit just around the corner with high import costs, it was time for a new plan.  


So, in 2021, I joined Entrepreneurs Circle from advice on Facebook with the 3-month free membership, and with a light bulb moment at a group Zoom meeting was the start of the idea to become the Snowboard Guru. 

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