What are the benefits of doing your own servicing?

This is an excellent question, and we understand the need to know the difference before you pay out on tools and waxes. Unveiling the Secrets of Proper Snowboard/Ski Servicing.

  • You will learn the best way to Store Your Skis/Snowboard in the Summer months and its importance.‚Äč
  • Wax can change your Skis/Snowboard's performance and how it will look after the Wood Core inside.
  • All our courses are 70% Hands-on that You can not get anywhere else. You can't learn just by watching and reading how to Service Your Skis/Snowboard.
  • This Short Commitment will give Your Skis/Snowboards a Longer Life; when You have spent so much money and time on buying Your New Skis/Snowboards, what have you got to lose?
  • You will Discover how to improve your skills and knowledge to Impress your friends.
  • We will provide all the Tools and Waxes on the day, showing you the Advantages and Disadvantages in the price range.
  • If you do not have your own Skis/Snowboard, we can provide one to service on the day.
  • You will Walk Away with Greater Knowledge and the Importance of looking after Your Skis/Snowboard.



Technician Ski & Snowboard Program Prices



George Pyrgos; "Cannot recommend enough. I did the 1-day ski/snowboard tech course, which was a good learning experience. Tara is super knowledgable, and experienced, knows the industry and the sport inside and out and will be able to sort you out with all your equipment/knowledge/skills needs. Support independent business and simultaneously get a bespoke service based on your needs."

Marcus Hill; "Great selection, prices and knowledge of snow sports.
Helpful; we had a good chat! Recommended."

Paul Suggett; "A very formative course. Practical and theory learnt at the workbench on everything required to maintain and tune your skis and snowboards.
Well worth learning how to do it yourself.
The shop also had a good selection of equipment at very reasonable prices.
Call them if you're looking for a new board, as some of last season's board packages were the cheapest I have seen anywhere."


     Technician Ski & Snowboard Program Prices


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