Premium One Day Programme.

What will happen on the day


Stage 1 Ski and Snowboard construction and technology.

Stage 2 Looking at the work that needs to be carried out.

Stage 3 Cleaning base using the hot wax method.

Stage 4 Base and side edge sharpening, correct files and angles.

Stage 5 Gouge repair with a P-tex candle with Doc II iron or a lighter.

Stage 6 Putting back structure into the base.

Stage 7 Looking at cold and hot wax. Wax temperatures and snow conditions.

Stage 8 Ironing hot wax onto the base.

Stage 9 Scraping excess wax off the base and brushing, with cork to finish.

Stage 10 Learning about storing equipment.

Stage 11 Set up your workbench and look at what tools you need.


Everything You Need £225

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