From Wax to Fitting: Your Ultimate Guide in Ski and Snowboard Q&A.

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Can I service my own skis and snowboard?

Yes, you can join us on one of our Technician Programs/Courses starting see the price HERE

Do you service skis and snowboards, and how much?

We are the Best Award-winning "Ski/Snowboard Service & Repair Workshop in Sussex".

All our Servicing is done in-house workshop by hand. To see prices, click HERE

What size Snowboard should I have?

Great Question. It's not a quick answer, but We do have the answer for you if you have the time! For more info or to make an appointment see HERE

How should my Snowboard Boots Fit?

The best answer is to book a boot fitting.

But here at Snowboard Guru, we have joined Remind Insole. We can help you with your old Snowboard Boots before you sell them on...... with our NEW Snowboard Boot Lab Save Your Boots. 

This will help the environment when old boots go to boot hell ( Land Field ). For more info, click HERE. Plus, you get FREE Stance Socks with every boot fit.

Why should I have a Hot Wax clean?

We recommend this service at least once a year as the hot wax clean removes all dirt and diesel fumes that are in the snow.

Why do I need my edges sharp?

It is a good idea to have both the base and side edges sharp to give you a better grip when making your turns.

Why do I need wax?

Wax makes your snowboard/skis glide smoothly over the snow.

Do I need my bindings checked?

It is a good idea to have checked, especially if you have new ski boots or your weight has changed.

Snowboarders, we will check your nuts and bolts to ensure they are ok.

What is P-TEX?

It is a special material we repair the base by filling in the gouges from going over rocks.

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