Q&A Why Service Skis/Snowboards at Home


How to service skis at home?

You can service from home. It a great idea to do a technician course to get down the basice with our DIY Technician Program. For more info HERE

Ski/snowboard tuning YouTube?

Learning ski tuning/ servicing by YouTube is not the best place to start, as it is a hands-on experience.

"If you are learning from YouTube, you will lose out on one-to-one teaching that we recommend for you". To read the full article The 5 top tips on Pro verses DIY Ski/Snowboard Service Technician

Ski service on YouTube?

YouTube can be a great tool if you know what you are doing, but here at Snowboard Guru we recommend our technician courses. See full range of programs HERE

How to service your own skis?

You can try one of our ski/snowboard servicing courses, to see full info on our techician program HERE

How to service skis?

We recommend that you learn by a full qualified technician, at Snowboard Guru our team are all qualified and winner of the "Snowlife Award" 

Ski/snowboard servicing kit?

We have a large range of ski/snowboard servicing kits. To see our full range tools and waxes HERE

DIY services near me?

Servicing courses are rumming all year round at our workshop  in East Sussex we just near Brighton. We offer drinks, snacks, FREE parking and 10% off wax and tools on the day, You can book our DIY Technician Program online.

DIY ski tuning tables, vices, and bench?

We sell vices and tools for ski/snowboard servicing. Shop HERE

Ski technician jobs?

Work for yourself in your own time by joining our Snowboard Guru Franchise, for more info email us with your plan.

Why should I service my own ski/snowboard?

Servicing your own ski/snowboard in the long run will save you money and time.

"What are the benefits on doing your own servicing? By the end you will be able to identify which is the best for you". Read our full article on The 5 top tips on Pro verses DIY Ski/Snowboard Service Technician

Ski tuning equipment?

We stock a full range of ski/snowboarding tuning equipment HERE

Ski service file?

See our range of ski/snowboard files HERE.

Ski tuning guide?

Snowboard Guru have several tuning guides see our Technician Program HERE.

Ski tuning gear?

We have a tuning tool for you. Just shop HERE

Ski/snowboard tuning gummy stone?

Gummy Stones are our number one tool.

Ski/snowboard tuning jobs?

Ski/snowboard jobs it easy to be come a Ski Technician with one of our courses HERE.

Ski maintenance jobs?

Check out our DIY maintenance program.

Ski tuning brush?

We have a great range of ski brushes from Nylon, Brass, Horsehair and Natural.

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