Summer Service Snowboard/Ski £50

The VIP full service is included in this price plus the storage wax. We will remove the storage wax a week before you go on your travels plus, a Free layer for carbon liquid wax that will get you going.

  • This comes with the VIP Full Service.
  • Plus we will apply excess wax for storage.
  • Allow one week before you go riding next season, email us.
  • Remove excess wax off base and egdes
  • Brush base and polish
  • Free carbon liquid wax  

When is the best time to service my skis/snowboard?


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Why do I need storage wax?

In the summer months the edges can rust and the base dry out this is called oxidisation, so we put excess of wax over the base and edges to protect them.

Snowboarders if you can remove your bindings before you drop off or for pick up please. However do not worry if you cannot, we are happy to remove for you.

Come down to our Workshop and Showroom in Brighton

also we have a great service Pick Up and Drop off to your

Home or Work.

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